The explosion protected motor

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The explosion protected motor with integrated electromagnetic spring-operated brake with up to 3300 Nm braking power is the new flagship product from our production facility in Middle Franconia. The possible areas of application are where explosion protection or pressurized encapsulation are critical and a regular motor is not sufficient.

With up to 200 kW, it is suitable for the explosion group IIC and temperature class T4: II 2G Ex db II C T4 Gb

Our explosion protected motor is extremely tough

The longevity and reliability of our motors is legendary and our latest generation is no exception to this. The resilient and durable grey cast iron design offers protection against sea water, saline air and environment temperature from -35°C to +50°C.

Do you want more? No problem: With our special edition we off er capping of the temperature range from -50°C to +60°C. Using high-quality and operation-specifi c seals and sealants, we comply with IP56/66 and IP67 at all times. The special care taken in the selection and application of the paint ensures that BEN motors can withstand even the most challenging weather conditions.

Individual like your requirements

The unique design of the surrounding components enables positioning of the motors without fan (IC410), with integral fan (IC411) and external fan for the S1, S2 and S3 duty types. This way, we can achieve performances from 50 kW to 200 kW with voltages up to a maximum of 690 V.

It makes no difference whether your motor is operated with 50/60 Hz or using a frequency converter – all our motors are tailored to the needs of our customers.

Your motor is available in all common designs and exactly in line with the requirements of your facility. However, it is also possible to have it equipped with the special fittings you require.

Whether it is a mounted rotary encoder or a nonreturn device, an anti-condensation heater, bearing control or current insulated bearing: combination options of supplemental equipment are almost infinite.

Unparalleled operational reliability

Our new motors with the part number dKD280… are used in the following areas of application without restriction for IIC/T4:

  • Combined anchor / mooring winch
  • Hydraulic power units for anchor / mooring winch
  • Axial and radial fans for ventilation and air condition facilities

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