Built to withstand the toughest conditions

Built to withstand the toughest conditions, our motors used in the shipbuilding industry are robust, resistant to seawater and designed to have a long service life.

Our three-phase squirrel-cage motors can be produced as single speed motors up to four speeds in pole changing design, slip-ring motors up to two speeds. The surface- and water-cooled designs are intended for both long- and short-term operation and in different energy efficiency classes.

Application examples of our motors in shipbuilding

  • combined anchor-/mooring winches, loading winches and special winches for low temperature use up to -60°C
  • electrical windlass for liftdocks
  • marine ships
  • hydraulic anchor-/mooring winches
  • free-fall lifeboat systems
  • deck cranes
  • bow thrusters – motors in slip-ring or squirrel-cage design
  • electro equipment for above mentioned devices

Our motors for shipbuilding


Surface cooled motor

Our surface-cooled motors (IP54 to IP68) impress their durability and robustness based on our high quality demands on us and our products.


Explosion proof motor

The explosion protected motor with integrated electromagnetic spring-operated brake with up to 3300 Nm braking power is the new flagship product from our production facility in Middle Franconia.

Allgemeiner und Sondermaschinenbau

Watercooled motor

In comparison with an air-cooled motor, the same performance can be achieved for smaller construction spaces without problems. By default, this is achieved for the efficiency class IE3 (S1)


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