We attach great importance to the fact that we can provide our customers with one-stop-shop production. This means that we have here at our site in Nuremberg our own machinery adapted to our products, requirement and size of company.

This machinery is intended to be used for processing mainly cast and steel components for our motors. Nevertheless i t also offers you the opportunity to have one-off items and tiny or small batches of parts processed at our plant.

length up to X = 3000 mm
weigth up to Y = 800 mm
heigth up to Z = 825 mm

shafts up to L = 2000 mm
diameter up to D = 800 mm
socket parts up to D = 1000 mm

Length up to L = 1400 mm
diameter up to D = 1250 mm

length up to L = 2000 mm
diameter up to D = 600 mm
one-level up to 20 kg
two-level up to 1000 kg

length up to L = 1200 mm
diameter up to D = 1000 mm
(bore- Ø up to 55 mm)

While your order is being handled, our in-house design facilities and highly qualified staff are available to you. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with our sales team